Automatic Mains Failure (AMF)

 Power Distribution Board (DB)

Automatic Mains Failure  (AMF)

Typical KARISTO  AMF is mostly needed in hospitals, hotels, VIP/ residential buildings, high-rise buildings and industries.

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Power Distribution Switchboard  (DB)

KARISTO  DB is used for  large power distribution in factories, hospitals, big establishments, high-rise buildings and housing estates.


Motor Control Center Board

 Uses for Factory machines, Pump stations, etc.

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 Motor Control Center Board

 Manual Changeover Switch

Feeder Pillar

Manual Changeover Switch

Anywhere generator and public power supplies are available

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Feeder Pillar     

We design and build Feeder Pillars of all market ranges:

     * 400A  4 way type

     * 630A  4 way type

     * 800A  4 way type

(Interior part)

Synchronizing Switchboard


Synchronizing  Switchboard

Our Automatic Synchronizing Panel with the use of synchroscopes and other control components achieve an arithmetic addition of individual capacities of 2, 3 or more generators to a common bus bar for an improved power supply.

Street Light Control Kiosk

Mains Distribution Panel

Central Control & Mimic Panel

Street Light Control Kiosk

We design and build Street Light Control Kiosks for the automatic switching ON and OFF of street lights at dusk and dawn respectively as long as there is power supply to that effect.


*Contactor,       * Photo Electric Cell

 * Watt mete  (on demand)

Interior part of 2500a main distribution panel with ACB Breaker

Central Control and Mimic Panel

Manufactured by Karisto used for water project

Karisto Manufacturing / Range of Products

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