Karisto Industrial Systems Limited has in place a range of policies which govern her business operations in such a way as to ensure HEALTH, SAFETY and   ENVIRONMENT Policies while providing quality, safety, assurance health and a conducive and safe environment for her customers, as well as employees to achieve   optimal results.

  In implementing these policies, the company will not only comply with the requirement of relevant legislation, but also be proactive while promoting in appropriate   manners, measures for the safety of persons, properties, the environment as well as liaising with Government Agencies and other corporate organizations on issues   that will promote HSE.   




Our Management system is a proactive one which aims at a zero Injury, lost time by identifying and eliminating hazards while carrying out business activities.

Therefore, Our Policies:

Employ system approach for HSE Management that prompts compliance

with the acceptable Healthy Safety and Environment Polices.

Set Goals that improve. Assess and report performance.

Require Staff, vendors as well as partners to adhere to our policies.

Include HSE in our annual appraisal, and offer reward according to performance.


  Taking into account the interwoven nature of Health, Safety and Environment target on the one hand, and customer satisfaction and business best practices on the   other hand, Karisto Industrial Systems Limited recognizes that implementation by Line Management of HSE Policies will lead to greater efficiency and higher standards   throughout all the departments within the company.

     Hence the company HSE target:

     To ensure accident free operations

     To maintain zero fatality and reduce Injury lost times.

     To maintain good and cordial relationship with host communities, customers, partners and venders.

     To report incidents promptly and follow up investigation without delay.

     To ensure continuous and effective protection of the environment

     To respond promptly and effectively to any emergency which threatens company operations or the environment.

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