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Karisto Industrial Systems Limited (kISL) is an indigenous company incorporated in Nigeria in November 1987.

The company engages in engineering research, design, development and production of Switchgears and other engineering services.

Karisto’s success story began between 1982 and 1983 when the founder (Engr. Emeka Ekwebelem) successfully developed and produced a unique Automatic Mains Failure (AMF) which could withstand the harsh climatic conditions in  Nigeria.

In 1982, the Managing Director (Engr. Emeka Ekwebelem) began a development work to produce an Automatic Mains Failure (A.M.F.) that would be suitable for the unsteady nature of public power supply in Nigeria. Having observed that most imported automated mains failures are vulnerable to high temperature and humid nature of our weather. In 1983, he succeeded in producing a unique A.M.F. using only electro-mechanical devices in the control circuit. Electro-mechanical devices can withstand most of the adverse conditions listed above as opposed to non-tropical electronic devices which the imported A.M.F. use for its control circuit.

He (Engr. Emeka Ekwebelem) named this “karisto” A.M.F. In February 1986, the Federal Republic of Nigeria awarded him the patent and design right number RP9481 for the innovation. From here the company Karisto Industrial Systems Ltd, was born. Ever since then KARISTO has made more break-through and now produces various ranges of low voltage switchgears such as power distribution switchboard, mechanical/manual changeover switches, electric motor starters, feeder pillars, automatic synchronizing boards, cranking panels, and integrated voltage stabilizers.

In 1987, he (Engr. Emeka Ekwebelem) developed his own concept of a mechanical interlock which could be used to achieve interlocking and changeover effect on two identical or unidentical circuit breakers or isolators. By 1988, he secured the patent and design right No RP10236 for this achievement. He named it “Karisto Manual Power Changeover Switch”.

The company got incorporated in November 1987 and began business in January 1988 as a Limited Liability Company. KARISTO began production in a very small apartment and by 1994, she has rapidly expanded and built her present switchgear factory located at Kilometer 1 ½ Aba-Umuahia Expressway, Aba, Abia State.

Karisto Industrial Systems Limited is an engineering company engaged in the production of switchgears and provision of engineering construction, contracting and engineering services. To this end, our mission is to provide efficient and innovative engineering products and services to the oil and gas industry, government and corporate organizations as well as the process industry in Nigeria and West Africa.

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